IES Keeps Up with Latest Changes in Petroleum Products

IES Hose

In order to meet the quickly changing demands of the companies that supply the automobile fuel that we use every day, IES offers the latest equipment available for use with gasoline containing the newest additives. The gasoline we currently use contains 10% ethanol, making it somewhat more aggressive than basic gasoline. In response, IES now supplies multi hoses that can handle 100% ethanol, as well as 100% biofuel, for a longer period of time than previously possible. Additionally, we now have multi-composite hoses that withstand biofuel. These flexible and durable composite hoses also stand up to the vigorous ozone and weather issues of New England.

As a side note: IES has introduced sales and repair of home heating oil delivery hose. We can now provide customers in the home delivery business with “while you wait” repair service to keep them up and running.

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