Now Available from IES: Kuriyama’s New Biofuel-Compatible Hose Line

Kuriyama’s New Biofuel-Compatible Hose LineAs a distributor of products manufactured by Kuriyama, Industrial Equipment Supply is pleased to offer that company’s new line of biofuel-compatible hoses. The line was developed in response to the growing demand for products compatible with alternative fuels, otherwise known as biofuels. The recently passed Energy Independence and Security Act calls for a five-fold increase in biofuel usage in motor vehicles by the year 2022, as reported by the Petroleum Equipment Institute.

Tigerdrop hoseThese new higher-concentration ethanol and biodiesel fuels are known to permeate the liners of traditional nitrile drop hoses, causing them to become stiff and heavy. This can lead to premature cracking or damage to the hose. Kuriyama’s innovative Tigerflex™ hoses are designed to address this problem. The hoses use specially developed polyurethane compounds and reinforced construction that resist the added strain caused by new alternative fuel blends such as E-85 and biodiesel.

Included in the Tigerflex line are the Tigerdrop™ fuel gravity drop hoses and Tigervapor™ vapor recovery hoses. They provide the user-friendly characteristics of other polyurethane hoses – light weight, flexibility and see-through features – and can also be used with conventional gasoline and diesel fuel blends. Please contact IES to learn more about Kuriyama’s Tigerflex hose products.

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