NAHAD: A Symbol with Great Significance

McGill Hose is a NAHAD listed fabricator, provider and manufacturerThe National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD), which was established in 1984, is an international trade association with the goal of promoting a high standard of professionalism and integrity within the hose and accessories industry. In April, 2000, NAHAD introduced a set of Hose Assembly Guidelines that provide comprehensive minimum performance recommendations for the specification, design and fabrication of hose assemblies. Five hose product groups – industrial, hydraulic, fluoropolymer, corrugated metal and composite – are covered by the Guidelines.

Both McGill and IES are NAHAD Listed Fabricators for all five types of hose. This signifies that we comply with the Hose Assembly Guidelines for all applicable assemblies, unless a customer specifies otherwise. The Listed Fabricator designation lets our customers know that our hose assemblies are high-quality, safe and reliable.

Look for the NAHAD Listed Fabricator logo on our company brochures and websites. It’s your assurance of the quality of every hose assembly that we produce.

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