When to Use Metal Hose... and Why to Buy it From McGill

When to Use Metal Hose... and Why to Buy it From McGillThere are a variety of demanding applications where using metal hose can be critical. These include applications requiring corrosion resistance, high and low temperature capabilities or high durability. Environmental characteristics that also demand the use of metal hose are dynamic flexing, expansion and contractions and high vacuum.

McGill Hose has been a leader in fabricating flexible metal hose since 1962. Our hoses are designed and fabricated to NAHAD 400 Guidelines, ensuring consistent quality and safe assemblies. Furthermore, we have two welders who are certified to ASME B31.1, a voluntary standard that promotes safety and reliability. (Please visit www.asme.org for more information on this standard.)

We are pleased that we have been selected by Hosemaster, Inc. for a formalized partnership that incorporates 3P (Product Preparation Process). This partnership combines the strengths of a premier hose manufacturer and an experienced, highly capable fabricating distributor to develop processes that will create the least amount of waste possible.

Please request McGill’s price list for flexible metal hose. Also, note that these metal assemblies are the cornerstone of our Fast Flow program. Standard-sized threaded and flanged assemblies are therefore available for same-day delivery.

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