McGill and BakerCorp: Partners in High Standards for Hose Assemblies


BakerCorp rents pumps, as well as tanks, filtration and shoring equipment, to municipalities, contractors and other customers in a variety of industries. Since these pumps are often used to address difficult pumping challenges, Baker's goal is to ensure that they provide the highest level of dependability.

As Baker's supplier of suction and discharge hoses for these pumps, it is our goal to help them put together the best and safest possible hose and pump assemblies. Baker began its hose program with McGill about 1-1/2 years ago. The bulk of hose they purchase is 2" through 8" high pressure, although they also buy up to 12" hose for low pressure applications.

Together, BakerCorp and McGill reviewed NAHAD hose assembly guidelines (, which provide recommended procedures for fabricating hose assemblies designed to meet minimum safety, quality and reliability requirements. The performance standards that Baker wanted to achieve were then established. Baker typically tests hoses up to 2x the actual working pressure. (For example, 150 psi hoses are tested to 250-300 psi.) The result is that Baker meets or exceeds NAHAD test guidelines for every hose they use. Couplings are a critical component of hose assemblies, and McGill, with the help of Campbell Fittings, introduced Baker to the "Uber Bauer" type of coupling, which has a hot dipped galvanized finish. Baker now uses only this type of coupling for all 2" - 8" suction and discharge hoses. Band and double bolted clamps are no longer acceptable at Baker, where they have found that it is not the hose but the connection that is the weakest link in a hose assembly.

Uber Bauer

One of our newest pieces of equipment is a crimping machine that accommodates the fittings – up to 8" – that Baker requires. This advanced technology, along with Campbell's CampbellCrimpnology™ method for determining a proper crimp diameter specification, allows for consistent assembly fabrication. This process allows Baker to utilize the full strength of the hose they purchase, and at the same time results in a hose assembly that weighs less and is easier and safer to maneuver in the field.

BakerCorp is a high-demand user of hose assemblies, but McGill is capable of meeting their requirements. As a full-service hose distributor, we are able to fabricate all the hoses that they need, available when they need them. In fact, we maintain "single line" inventory for Baker. Carroll Hunnewell, BakerCorp's Eastern Regional Manager, covering the Northeast to Mid Atlantic region, says, "We can call McGill and ask for 30 suction hoses finished with couplings, delivered on the same day, and they will deliver."

We at McGill are totally committed to BakerCorp's quality standards. Our President Harry McGill continues to speak with the staff at Baker on a regular basis, discussing current projects, as well as better ways of doing things and making even safer and more efficient hose assemblies. We invite you to talk with us about establishing a similar partnership in high standards with your company.

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