Alex McGill Completes Rewarding Year as NAHAD President

Alex McGill

April marked the end of a truly wonderful 12 months for Alex McGill, our Vice President. Elected for a one-year term as President of National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) has been a valuable experience for him and the entire McGill Team. At 34 years old, and at a relatively early point in his career, Alex has spent the last 6 years on the Board of Directors of the world's premier hose association.

Reflecting on the honor of serving, he relays, "I've developed relationships, both business and personal, with all of the major players in the hose assembly business. Manufacturers and distributors alike, these men and women have so much experience in the industry, and the passion we all share is synergistic as well as contagious.

"My industry and product knowledge has been greatly enhanced, and I truly am very lucky to have had this chance to work with the greatest minds in this business." Most of Alex's involvement began with the Hose Assembly Guidelines, a documented training program for specifying, designing and fabricating hose assemblies in a safe, reliable, and high-quality manner. As a passionate member-volunteer, Alex has incorporated the Assembly Guidelines into McGill Hose's quality and training program. During his year as President, NAHAD has also maintained its momentum as a leader in training and education. NAHAD has become an Alliance Partner with ICP (Industrial Careers Pathway), an organization catering to the recruitment and training of young professionals into the industrial distribution profession. Also, a new education program called TeleCONNECT has been implemented to deliver training to NAHAD members in the form of webinars on product-related issues, as well as good business practices.

The final event of Alex's term was the 27th Annual NAHAD Meeting & Convention held April 2 6 in San Diego, California. This was a robust convention, with more than 800 people registering and attending and almost all of the 142 contact tables for the Showcase of Hose Solutions sold.

"...I truly am very lucky to have had
this chance to work with the greatest
minds in this business."
- Alex McGill

The theme for this NAHAD Annual Meeting & Convention was ABOVE AND BEYOND. President Alex McGill explains the choice of the theme: "If I had to characterize the past year, I would use words like challenging, erratic, inconsistent, and relentless. As company owners and managers, many of us found that the times required us to be resourceful, resilient, alert, persistent and persuasive. It was definitely not the time to sit back and wait for business levels to return to what we experienced in 2007 or 2008. Working harder and smarter has been the key. Many of us have had to make do with fewer resources, remember our core competencies and think outside the box beyond the normal scope of our business models. We have all had to go ABOVE AND BEYOND."

Attendees arrived in San Diego by midday on Saturday, April 2, in order to participate in a special networking activity and to listen to the first two presentations, which set the stage for the following three full days of convention activities. And, most importantly, they had the opportunity to participate in what was one of the highlights of this year's conference, the Welcome Aboard Reception on the magnificent USS Midway.

Alex will serve one more year on the Board of Directors as Immediate Past President, whose main function is to provide some guidance for the incoming President and monitor the recruitment and elections of new talented members who want to become a part of NAHAD's leadership. Thankful for his time as President, Alex understands the wealth of experience he brings back to McGill Hose is a result of his involvement in NAHAD and its very impressive member-volunteers.

NAHAD is managed by Thompson Management Associates. Alex would like to say thank you to Joe, Kristin and Molly Thompson for their hard work and support over the past year. NAHAD's success is largely due the professionalism of the TMA staff.

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