McGill Hose Offers the Best Total Value in Metal Hose Assemblies

metal hoses

Advantages of flexible metal hose

  • good corrosion resistance
  • high physical strength
  • operates at temperatures to 1400 degrees F
  • long life
  • fire resistance
  • high vacuum ratings
  • crush and kink resistance

Metal hose applications:

  • vibration (high frequency, low amplitude)
  • constant flexing
  • vacuum
  • high pressures
  • offset motions
  • temperature extremes
  • misalignment

Having fabricated metal hose assemblies since our founding in 1962, we at McGill Hose know a thing or two about the advantages of flexible metal hoses. As the most complete hose fabrication center in the New England area, we are also highly knowledgeable about the types of applications for which metal hose assemblies are desirable.

What really sets us apart from other sources of metal hose assemblies is our dedication to giving our customers the best total value for their purchase from us. For example, our assemblies are fabricated by certified welders that meet or exceed B31.1 and NAHAD specifications, ensuring our customers safe and reliable hose assemblies, made with repeatable consistency.

Every assembly is pressure tested, and certification can always be provided. In addition, we offer all of the following value-added services:

    • passivation
    • oxygen cleaning
    • jacketing
    • heat tracing
    • armored protection
    • flex cycle expectancy evaluation

McGill Hose's dedication to quality fabrication and testing is complemented by our dedication to customer service. We maintain large inventories of diverse metal hose and fittings and respond quickly to customers' downtimes and critical delivery requirements. We inventory and fabricate through 12" diameter, with custom fabrication available to meet customers' unique requirements.

When all is said and done, we think that you will agree: with our product knowledge, high fabrication standards and superior service, McGill Hose provides exceptional value in metal hose assemblies.

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