Peace of Mind: Increased Security for Credit Card Purchases

Credit Card

McGill Hose & Coupling has good news for those of our customers who use credit cards to purchase products from us. Earlier this year, Activant Solutions Inc., the supplier of our distribution software, made an agreement with Element Payment Services, Inc. that benefits both McGill and you, our customers. Element now offers credit card data security to McGill Hose and all of Activant's other customers who utilize the Activant Distribution Suite™ software solution.

Our customers' cardholder data has been removed from McGill's distribution process, and compliance with the new, stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is now the responsibility of Element, whose software surpasses the requirements of this Standard. The paperwork that McGill currently has to complete in order to be allowed to accept credit cards is much simpler than it would otherwise be, saving us both time and money.

Furthermore, our customers can use their credit cards with the assurance that their sensitive cardholder data is handled directly by Element Payment Services, eliminating any chance of data compromise at McGill. To put it simply, we tell our customers that they can place their confidence not only in the safety of our products but also in the security
of their credit card transactions with us.

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