Eaton's Synflex®: A More Versatile Line of Hose and Fittings

Eaton Synflex

Synflex® thermoplastic hose from Eaton has proven to be an excellent replacement for rubber hose. Synflex® is an all-encompassing line of 12 unique hose series, each with features and characteristics that determine the best applications for their use. All Synflex series hose features polyurethane covers, except the 3630 series, which has a PVC cover. The covers of some series are perforated, while others are not. Core tube materials include nylon-lined, polyester, polymeric, polyolefin, PVDF and PVC, with either braided or spiraled synthetic fiber reinforcement, with the exception of the 3580 series, which has braided steel wire reinforcement.

Depending on the Synflex series, sizes from -02 through -16 may be available. Hose types include low and medium pressure, constant pressure, high pressure, air and water and specialty. The Synflex line also includes permanently attached and reusable zinc plated steel, stainless steel and brass hose fittings. Eaton has devised a style code numbering system for the Synflex fittings that signifies the fitting type, hose size, end connection size and bookend configuration, among other elements.

Extremely versatile Synflex hose is currently being successfully used in a wide range of industries. Applications include, but are not limited to, chemical and gas transfer, agriculture, forestry, air tools, general construction equipment, hydraulics, material handling equipment, rescue and pneumatic systems.

McGill is proud to offer our customers the Synflex line. Give us the details of your application and we will provide a Synflex hose assembly with the performance characteristics and durability that you require.

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