Quality and Safety

McGill Hose & Coupling, Inc. is committed to the process of continuous improvement through:

  • Employee education and training
  • Continually monitoring our performance

We are also committed to supplying the safest products possible through:

  • Training of hose assembly personnel to ensure the integrity of assemblies
  • 100% testing of metal hoses
  • Meeting or exceeding industry standards for fabrication of hose assemblies set by NAHAD (National Association of Hose & Accessory Distributors)

NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines

This program provides a comprehensive set of minimum performance recommendations for the design, fabrication and specification of industrial, composite, hydraulic, corrugated metal and fluoropolymer hose assemblies as well as additional Guides for Ducting and Custom Made Hose, all focused on ensuring hose assembly safety, quality and reliability.

Visit http://www.nahad.org/aws/NAHAD/pt/sp/hsi_guidelines to learn more.

NAHAD Hose guidelines
ITAR, NAHAD, IDCO, Goodyear Star Hose Distributor